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Marine bioacoustics

& music

An active listening of the ocean transmitted to communities through musical pieces to awaken empathy for our oceans.

Marie-Kell uses her violin as a means to relay on land  the beauties of the underwater world. Vocalizations of marine mammals will be recorded during the trip in key marine conservation locations and biodiversity hotspots. Whether discoveries are beautiful or disastrous, they will be shared through musical gatherings, putting together human and animal music. 

Ancre du son sous l'eau

Inventory of life in the ocean & exchange of musical knowledge

Marine bioacoustics - animal music - human music

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The ocean has long been considered an infinite reservoir of life and resources. Today, overfishing, plastic pollution, sound pollution but more generally the attitude of humans towards these ecosystems, have pushed the oceans into critical states. Numbers are horrifying, a true ecocide is taking place. At the top of this trophic chain, large marine mammals are among the most affected. Beyond their crucial role in the proper functioning of ecosystems, they are symbols of gardians of the oceans in our collective imaginary. The threat hanging over them calls us to action: we must evolve in our relationship with nature and sea. Now.

During its navigation, SEAD will set sail, between two stops on land, in direction of biodiversity hotspots . In order to collect as much evidence and ideas as possible, Marie-Kell will observe encountered mammals

populations, on the one hand by recording the vocalizations of these animals, and on the other hand by visual observation. Collected data will be analyzed and compared to the historical data of the place.

Its goal will be to draw a portrait of the soundscape of the marine environment, to then share it with the inhabitants of the nearest continent. Led by the intrigue of the relationship rural communities individuals have with the great creatures of the oceans, discussions will lead to an exchange of ideas accompanied by musical compositions that will combine music and cultural representations. This innovation of integrating animal music into musical moments aims to awaken a public engagement towards nature. Musicians from the communities will be invited to bring their musical knowledge to create compositions with Marie-Kell and the crew.

The dissemination of these ideas and their creation will take place in the form of workshops, where musicians will meet not only to share the music but also ancestral beliefs and practices linked to the creatures of the ocean.

Discover Marie-Kell's work via this video, produced with Sailing Hirondelle!

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