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Agriculture: documenting and disseminating climate-resilient practices


“Agriculture must adapt to increasingly extreme and uncertain conditions of production. Subsistence farmers in the Global South are the most vulnerable and affected by this situation.

Many projects and communities are already working on solutions. Our objective is to visit these places to identify and document their key practices and then present them to the rural communities we encounter along our journey."

Matthieu Michelet, double MSc Environmental Science


Low-Tech Explorer

The Low-Tech Lab database already includes more than 50 tutorials for sustainable and low-tech practices. SEAD is part of the Low-Tech Explorer program with a mission to contribute to this database with a special focus on practices related to agriculture.
The most successful tutorials will be posted on their database.

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SEAD's own database

SEAD is working on its own database, referencing all of the sustainable practices identified along the way. This content serves as a reference for the communities encountered and concentrates our work.

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