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Marine bioacoustics: music to raise awareness for the oceans 

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"The ocean is the source of so many wonders, stories, fantasy. It is the largest ecosystem on earth and the the one we know the least. We depend on it on so many aspects: food, economics, climate. On its own it stores 30% of the carbon emitted by our society, this service depending entirely on the good health of marine ecosystems. 
From land, it's hard to grasp what happens under water. Studying cetacean bioacoustics gives the oceans a voice that is much easier to hear.

Music composed with these sounds engages the audience emotionally to feel close to these beings. From this emotion, a positive change can arise .

Marie-Kell de Cannart, MSc Marine Biology, MA violin


Olivier Adam

Olivier Adam is a professor at the Sorbonne and a specialist in the field of marine mammal bioacoustics. Thanks to his expertise and his great experience of the subject, he guides us in our collection of data of marine mammal vocalizations so that they are as accurate as possible.

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Astrolabe Expedition

An association that aims to motivate marine citizen science to participate in large-scale data collection. We have the opportunity to work with them and share the data we collect in the most remote places of the world, to participate in scientific research in an open source database.

Their website:

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