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The captains, pillars of the project 

Celine Van de Merckt


  • Bachelor and Master in environmental bioengineering at UCL

  • Yachtmaster offshore certificate


Céline feeds her dreams off the ground by investing in her passions. Bioengineer graduated from UCL in environmental sciences and management, nature and environmental sciences have always aroused her interest. More recently passionate about water sports (cabinier, kitesurfing), she is also in the process of obtaining a professional skipper diploma (Yachtmaster offshore certificate). It was in production at Le champignon de Bruxelles and skipper at ULYC (University of Louvain Yacht Club) that she acquired her first professional experiences.

Matthieu Michelet


  • Bachelor in environmental bioengineering at UCL

  • Master in Environmental Sciences - Environmental Impact at the University of Copenhagen (KU)

  • Master in Environmental Sciences - Soil Sciences at Swedish University of Agriculture (SLU)

Matthieu is a curious and creative idealist. He loves times outdoors and exploring: it's by boat and on foot that he first discovers Europe and then more remote regions. Skipper of Alba Volunteer since he turned 19, he knows well the intricacies of sea and wind.

His academic career has allowed him to develop a holistic view of the environmental challenges of our time. It focuses particularly on the place of agriculture in society. Today he decides to unite two of his passions to give substance to his ideals.

Marie-Kell de Cannart


  • Bachelor and Master in violin at the Royal Conservatory of Belgium

  • Bachelor in general biology at ULB

  • International Master in Marine Biological Resources Sciences (IMBRSea) at UGent.

Marie-Kell never lacks inspiration or motivation to carry out her projects. With the aim of creating intriguing new combinations with music and marine biology, she completed studies in these two fields while leading projects on noise pollution. In this line, she also composed interspecies music to raise awareness of the environment. Passionate and slightly obsessed with the ocean, she has taken advantage of it in many ways since she felt called by him already during her first sailings at a young age. Steadfastly protecting this vast ocean is what drives her to share its beauty and help humans connect with it.


Our guests


Justine Monville

Low-tech implementer on board  

& Mushroom support

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Clément Watthez

Videographer and communication advisor

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Nico Vanbraband

Developer of the sociological methodology of the project.

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Aymar de Lichtervelde

Developer of a water-centred approach

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Alba Volunteer

This Sun Odyssey 43 has been in the Michelet family for a few years now. Of a wandering nature, she likes to dance between waves and gusts; reliable and robust, it is the perfect houseboat to host SEAD's project.


Length: 12.84 m

Width: 4.19 m

Average speed: 5 knots

Maximum capacity: 10 passengers

Crew: 1 or 2 skippers-6 participants

Cabins: 3 double cabins, 1 bunk bed cabin

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