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Inventory of the diversity of uses of fungi in encountered cultures. Analysis of the potential for integrating mycorrhizae into agricultural systems.

Céline is interested in existing and potential beneficial relationships between humans and fungi. She wants to identify local customs and uses of mushrooms. On the other hand, she wants to assess the effectiveness of agricultural practices enhancing mycorrhizal development to overcome local agricultural challenges.



Census - Place in systems - Vulgarization

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Fungi are keystone species, which contribute in many ways to ecosystems functioning.  According to Paul Stamets "without fungi, all ecosystems would fail". All over the world, fungi are used by humans for a variety of purposes. In some cases, they occupy an essential place in the life of communities. In others, their importance, services and even identity are completely unrecognized by the population. Furthermore, mycorrhizal symbioses plays an essential role in the many challenges the world faces today, i.e. a growing population to feed, polluted air and soils. Indeed, they are key players in carbon sequestration, nutrient cycling and supply for plants, plant biodiversity and more generally in natural and agricultural ecosystems productivity.


To inform about the importance of fungi and mycorrhizae in our ecosystems and the possibilities of beneficial cooperation they have to offer, Céline wishes to share testimonies and initiate a reflection on their place in our environment.


To this end, Céline will identify local customs and uses of mushrooms throughout the journey. On the other hand, she will question farmers on their knowledge of mycorrhizae as well as their interests and reluctances to adopt agricultural practices favoring their growth. At the same time, she will estimate the mycorrhizal potential of soils through observations of agricultural practices, soil types, cultivated species and other factors of influence.

With this information, a reflection will be generated on how fungi could locally contribute to food security. This, with a focus on the potential effectiveness of integrating mycorrhizae to overcome local agricultural problems such as drought or low bioavailability of nutrients.

The results of this reflection will be shared locally and with the general public through discussion sessions, participatory workshops, content in the travel portfolio, podcasts and musical compositions.

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