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Bretagne 2021

From the 10th of July to the 2nd of October, embark with Céline, Matthieu or Marie-Kell aboard the Alba Volunteer to experience a moment of sharing in Breton waters and contribute to the costs of preparation of SEAD's project.

Book a week for your crew of 6 throughout the summer or simply book a single place onboard during the month of September to discover the world of sailing in one of the most emblematic places of its universe!

Seven days to discover Belle-Ile, the Gulf of Morbihan, Houat, Hoedic, Ile d'Yeu but above all to experience the adventure of life at sea and all that it provides.

No need to know anything about sailing: each week is unique and adapted to the desires of the crew!


Our vision of sailing

Our values

Ancre 1

For us, sailing is more than a means of transport or a simple holiday destination: it is a way of life, a vector of emancipation, a way to get to know oneself, the ideal setting to get to know one another, an immersive, total journey with no return to the core of nature in its raw form.

The sea has this strength of leaving no space for other than essentiality: it purifies the mind, strengthens the body and the dance that it imposes on the sailor prepares him to rediscover the land in a whole new way: a motionless, warm place, filled with colors, smells and activity which contrasts so much with the marine habitat of calm and absolute presence which carried him until then.

Beyond these aspects, sailing, through its environmental immersion, is a world that opens up to strong values, which we deem so necessary to the world of today and tomorrow:


Connection both to yourself and others.

Connection to the environment

Development of body and mind


Practical information

Sailing weeks take place from Saturday to Saturday, from 07/10/21 to 10/02/21. Two formulas are possible but at different times:


These prices do not include: the costs of travel to Brittany, food and harbor costs of the week.

=> Plan a total budget of around 500 € for the week, all costs included!

  • Full crew booking:   from July to September, book the entire boat (6 places) and its skipper for the week.         


Participation: 2100 € (i.e. 350 € / person)

  • Single crew member booking , only in September: register alone or with one or two friends for a week and discover the rest of the crew!

Participation: 350 € / person

What you can hope for in a week with us:

Itinerary template



Mythical island in the Gulf of Morbihan, centuries-old trees, a realm of calmness


L'Ile d'Yeu

50 miles of navigation, the setting of the Vendée region; its vast white beaches and summer heat.



A small island with a unique flora, its fires on the beach, a lost hamlet, the summer hideaway of young utopians.



More anchorages than can be counted, a transcendent nature,  the peace of isolation


Le Palais

A Vauban fortress and fortifications overgrown with trees, its bars and its community of festive seasonal workers.



An island that lives to the rhythm of sea and wind, its awe-inspiring beaches, hidden village and simple life.


Le Crouesty

Return to our harbor of departure, cleaning of the boat, and a time for debriefing and teary farewells.

nb: The itinerary is destined to be adapted according to desires and weather conditions!

An eco-responsible trip

It is important for us to take responsibility for our actions. This is why SEAD offers to live this trip while minimizing the waste generated by its activities: the food eaten each week will be purchased from local and responsible producers, bought in bulk beforehand by the skipper responsible for the week, while respecting the desires and diets of everyone.

In addition, the money paid to our non-profit association, seen as a membership, will directly benefit the project described on the home page of this website.

Finally, 3% of these contributions will be donated to the benefit of the NGO EcoAgric Uganda, partner of SEAD which provides wonderful work in the service of a cause that is dear to us.

Go and have a look at their website !

A few activities that usually make up a week:




Group Life




A few misunderstood moments





Et plus encore: venez écrire la suite de l'histoire avec nous! On est impatient de vous rencontrer et de découvrir votre approche à cette vie qui nous est chère!



To book your week, click on the link below ! It will refer you to the Google form to fill-in in order to initiate the registration process. Our availabilities are displayed there.

registration form:

We keep the form updated the best we can so that only the available dates are displayed! However, it is possible that, due to communication delays, a week is already booked even though it appears as available. We will confirm your registration by email!


If government measures following the Covid 19 health crisis make this trip impossible, we guarantee to fully pay you back.

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