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Help develop sustainability, co-build the world of tomorrow, be the relay of perennial values

The mission of the King Baudouin Foundation is to contribute to a better society in Belgium, in Europe and in the world. It seeks to maximize its impact by strengthening the capacities of organizations and individuals. It encourages effective philanthropy from individuals and businesses.

The Foundation helps SEAD by offering it a project account in the preparation of Alba Volunteer. This account allows SEAD to receive tax deductible donations.

Fondation Roi Baudouin

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Ocean Sounds

Ocean Sounds is dedicated to Science and Conservation of Marine Mammals and their marine ecosystem.

The idea of Ocean Sounds began to be realized in August 2005 in Lofoten by founder and biologist Heike Vester with the purpose of combining research with education, art and tourism. It is registered as a charity and has three aims: ocean sounds research, education and art projects. 

SEAD's ocean pole collaborates with Ocean Sounds to develop a robust methodology and reach a broader spectrum with its results.

The Merode-Rixensart Foundation is a cultural foundation created by the de Merode family with the aim of bringing their family heritage to life: the Château de Rixensart.

SEAD has joined forces with the Merode-Rixensart Foundation in a partnership aimed at organizing events, conferences and concerts upon return from the expedition; offering meaning and visibility.

Fondation Merode-Rixensart




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Gratte is a non-profit promoting the meeting between able-bodied young people and young people with mild to moderate mental disabilities, from 18 to 35 years old, through leisure and trips. To promote this dynamic of inclusion, groups are made up of 2/3 able-bodied young people and 1/3 of young people with mild to moderate mental disabilities. This proportion makes it possible to promote meetings by participating "with" people with disabilities and not "for" them.

This summer 2021, the crew organizes a week in collaboration with La Gratte.

Care Plus® products protect travelers, athletes and vacationers against insect bites, poor hygienic conditions, the sun and polluted water. With their "Buy One, Get One" program, they are working for a world without malaria by 2030.

Care Plus has graciously accepted to protect the crew with its products during their adventures in tropical countries! For more info on their mission, take a look at their Malaria Impact Report 2020.

Care Plus

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